Sorting out exactly the right formula for a new mom requires a consultation, and is usually best done in person. This allows the practitioner to view the patient, take her pulses and assess her health in full. This is similar to the assessment done when choosing how to treat with acupuncture, so Golden Month MotherCare does not charge a separate fee for herbal consultation if it is done at the time of an acupuncture treatment. If an assessment needs to be done at a different time or over the phone, a separate charge is incurred.

Golden Month MotherCare uses either fresh raw herbs or granulated (powdered) herbs that we can combine into formulas tailored for each patient. The herbs we use are of the highest quality, tested for pesticides and heavy-metal contaminants, and tested for strength. We trust them for both safety and efficacy. We mix herbs for each patient individually based on traditional formulas, and use traditional methods of modification to get exactly the right balance of herbs within a formula for every patient.

We also have a large pharmacy of supplements and prepared herbal remedies in pill or capsule form if a standard formula is appropriate, or supplements are needed.

All the herbalists at Golden Month MotherCare hold Masters of Science degrees in Traditional Chinese Medicine and are fully licensed.