During the month of being home and recovering from labor, one of the treatments we administer is Mother Roasting. Through the teachings of Raven Lang we have come to understand this timeless, postpartum healing technique. It is a tradition of deeply warming the mother’s body soon after the baby is born. Many Asian and North American cultures practice similar techniques of warming the mother. Some cultures prefer to use large fires, others use heated bricks or hot stones. All of these various forms of heat have a similar affect of deeply warming, soothing and regenerating the body.

In Chinese medicine we burn mugwort herb a few inches away from the skin over specific areas to produce heat that penetrates deeply into the body. This is known as moxabustion therapy. For Mother Roasting a box that holds burning mugwort is placed over the low back and low abdomen of the mother to replenish heat, blood flow, and qi into the area that was home to your baby for the last 9 months. Along with its rejuvenating and tonifying effects it also can be helpful to the involution process of the uterus in the early postpartum time, relieving both cramping and low back pain.