I first started working with Marnie and her staff at East West in Dec of 2009. I was trying to conceive my first child and was pregnant after 3 sessions with Marnie. During my pregnancy my blood pressure started to creep up and Marnie helped me to manage and keep this under control.

Not only did I receive excellent prenatal care but I’ve been tremendously supported through my post partum rehabilitation. I have been nursing my son since day one and love the bonding experience it has created for us, but it takes quite a toll on your mid-back area. Marnie came to my home for an in house massage which did wonders to relieve the tension that had started to build. I highly recommend East West for any of your body work needs but especially if you are in the market for anything baby.

-Chandler Moore Sanders

Marnie has been my acupuncturist for five years.  She saw through both of my pregnancies and eased every discomfort I had with them.  After the birth of my second child, Marnie came to my home and cared for me, which I so desperately needed.  She did a combination of moxibustion, acupuncture and massage when I was ten days post-partum, and I felt like a new woman when she was done.  It was the best I had felt since giving birth.  Marnie is skilled, caring and reliable.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

-Joy Alferness

Joey was wonderful during my pregnancy and postpartum.  She listened to my concerned and supported me as I needed.  In fact, with the help of her induction herbs and treatments my last week of pregnancy, I had my baby exactly on her due date!  Postpartum, Joey came to my home within 48 hours of the birth – the mother roasting felt so nurturing and supportive.  She came back several more times in the first weeks postpartum to deliver herbs, provide acupuncture, and check in on me.  Joey was a wonderful part of my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum team, and her in-home care was exactly what every mother needs.  I highly recommend her and her wonderful work at Golden Month MotherCare.

-Julie Matthews

I have been receiving acupuncture and herbal prescriptions from Joey for quite a few years and would strongly recommend her services. Joey brought herbs to my house right after I arrived home from the complicated birth of my second child. To have the immediate access to a skilled practitioner making a home visit was immensely helpful. Joey was able to help me veer away from the start of postpartum depression. I am so, so grateful to have had her help. To have access to home treatments like this is an invaluable tool.

-Kelly Kozak

It was such a treat having marnie come to my house in those first few weeks postpartum for a relaxing, much needed deep tissue massage.  She is such a skilled practitioner!  She not only knows the body well, but knows what new parents are going through in the early days. She helped my husband and I stategize on how to get more sleep with our little one (who is not a big sleeper).  we are still using that system today, and don’t know where we would be without it!  She also left me with some very helpful postpartum herbs and bottoms-up balm to aid in healing.  Than you so much, Marnie!

-Sara Ferrigno

Joey was part of a team of providers I was seeing to help me get pregnant. She was always very encouraging and had no doubt that I would have a child one day. When I did get pregnant, Joey helped when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It was wonderful to have her support.

When I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia (I really had the whole high risk experience!), I had to have my baby a week and half early. After the birth, my blood pressure remained high and I wasn’t able to leave the hospital unless it went down. I called Joey and she came to the hospital and treated me there! It was incredibly helpful. My blood pressure went to my normal range (120/70) after she treated me and they discharged me the following day.

When I got home, I was pretty debilitated from the birth – I could barely walk. I also had some anxiety about my ability to care for my new baby. She came to my house and treated me with acupuncture, dropping off herbs the next day. I would have never been able to leave my house to get care. I’m so glad that she came. The treatment and herbs really shifted me.
I was so focused on getting and staying pregnant, I wasn’t really thinking about the birth or after. I had no idea how important it is to get support, especially post-partum support. I’m so grateful to Joey for helping me become a healthy mom.


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